Surveys show that WiFi is the #1 most desired amenity for apartment residents.

Think high-speed, reliable WiFi service isn’t an important amenity for your property? Think again. Traditional apartment complexes have seen a significant increase in demand for WiFi service, due in part to the growing number of people – students, middle-age folks, and seniors alike – who are connecting online. In the next 3 years alone, 7 billion new WiFi-enabled devices will be used in homes across the nation, including apartment homes. If you’re already convinced your property needs WiFi, the next question is: who should provide that WiFi?

You need a company that has a reputation for superior service in the industry. You need a company that is responsive, technologically advanced and – most importantly – a company that is committed to providing the best possible customer service. Look no further than Epproach Communications. 

Our experience with Epproach has been great. The installation technicians were very accommodating with our residents throughout the entire process. The service team has provided us with a very thorough explanation of the process and setup, and left us with individualized information for our residents in regards to their logins and passwords.”

– Erica Levy, Property Manager / The Lofts at Bass


Moving in to a new apartment can be stressful, but Epproach makes it easier than ever to connect to high-speed, reliable Internet service. Upon move-in, an email with log-in credentials is immediately sent to the resident, allowing them to surf the Internet at blazing-fast speeds even before their furniture arrives. No need to go pick up a modem or call a support team – Epproach ensures everything is ready to go as soon as a resident moves in.


With today’s technology, we can deliver speeds and connectivity that is beyond your average Internet performance. Residents can stream HD and 4K video, connect via multiple devices at once, and play on any gaming system. Plus, we take all the responsibility for technical support off of your staff. When residents have questions, we’re there to help solve them. We offer a completely managed experience, from top to bottom. 

I’ve worked at several different properties where I observed the process of WiFi installation, and the Epproach installation has been by far the smoothest and easiest process I have ever been apart of. The support staff has also made it extremely simple to troubleshoot any issues we may have.

– Amy Chick, Community Director / Ardmore King’s Grant


The Epproach team is an expert at providing superior customer service and support to residents. For nearly 15 years, we’ve served as a leading provider of managed WiFi and Internet for the multifamily industry, and throughout that time we’ve honed our style and techniques to provide a service uniquely designed for the traditional housing space. 

  • 24/7/365 toll-free support line
  • On-site technical support and end-user help
  • ePortal with web usage stats, monitoring tools and live chat support features
  • Simple how-to videos, support guides
  • Multiple ways to request support


Epproach can provide your community with a variety of technology services, including a Bulk Video solution custom designed for the apartment community space. Our solution includes robust channel line-ups with HD video. We also offer availability for box less services as well. 

Epproach has created a unique service that can integrate with any kind of Smart product. It gives the user a simple, intuitive experience and it also gives our community an edge over the competition.

– Peter Rosecrans, President / Burns Management


Replace your community’s communication channels with our unified communication platform designed specifically for multifamily. With an App that runs on all mobile devices, our service allows residents to stay up to date on all community communications, including important messages, events and news. Property management can even monitor and manage each user with our state-of-the-art back-end management system, compatible with any of your existing solutions.


Looking to outfit your community with a state-of-the-art, Smart-enabled service? We can provide your property with a solution that gives you and your residents control of each unit – from anywhere at anytime. Using our mobile smartphone App, residents can control their door locks, lights and thermostats from the palm of their hand. Even better: we can integrate with dozens of other IoT devices. This amenity is not only highly desirable among apartment renters, it is also a revenue-producing service for owners.


Read how Epproach transformed these conventional housing communities.

“We chose Epproach Communications’ services because it was the better option for all of our residents. They can provide faster WiFi, better service, and a much simpler solution now that we don’t have to worry about handling modems.”

– Kimberly Miller, Leasing Agent / Lakewood Villas Apartments

“The Epproach installation has been by far the smoothest and easiest process I have ever been apart of. The technicians who came and installed the WiFi were all clean-cut, friendly and appropriate. The support staff has also made it extremely simple to troubleshoot any issues we may have. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with Epproach.”

– Amy Chick, Community Director / Ardmore King’s Grant

“Our residents need fast and reliable WiFi and internet service for entertainment, school work – just about everything. Epproach has been able to provide that service to us, and there have been no complaints from residents.” 

– Ellie, Assistant Manager / Encore North Apartments

“The Epproach support technicians did a wonderful job setting our staff and residents up, training us on how to use the ePortal and going through various other aspects of the services. We need fast, reliable WiFi at our complex – it’s a great selling feature.”

– Jodi Pleger, Community Director / Broadway Station

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