Provide a living experience tailor made for the 21st-century student resident.

Millenials live in a wireless world. Student residents are connected at all times to the Internet, often from multiple devices. Epproach is especially adept at providing an immersive, high-tech experience to student residents by leveraging our unique set of services. By integrating all of these services – from Gigabit Managed WiFi to Smart Apartments – we provide students with a living experience that is a perfect for the 21st century resident.

Student communities make up two-thirds of our client base. Our dedicated in-house support technicians have extensive experience in providing an enhanced, customized level of support to students. Using our Live Chat feature or our toll-free phone line, we make it easy and simple for residents to request support and resolve service issues. Residents can even reach us through our state-of-the-art branded App in just one click. Each of our services can be customized to best fit your community’s needs. 

The most important thing in student housing has become the Internet. And the second-most important thing is the Internet. And the third most important thing is the Internet.

– Richard Holtz, CEO of Infinisys Electronic Architects


Wireless internet is ubiquitous with students and millenials who have grown up in a world with “no wires”. It has become a utility for residents – so long as the service meets a standard of performance, everyone wants it. 

  • Immediately available – no ordering from a cable company
  • Ubiquitous – no plugging in wires or coordinating an  installation
  • Works with smartphones, tablets, iPads, gaming consoles, TVs
  • Allows mobility – no being tethered to a desk or even an apartment
  • Available everywhere – in the clubhouse, pool, and common areas
  • Allows friends and guests to connect seamlessly


  • We make it FAST by providing the most technologically advanced systems that produce Gigabit speeds
  • We make it EASY by simplifying the process – automatically receive your credentials, connect once and you’re always connected
  • We make it EVERYWHERE by providing private network connections for your printers, TVs, iPhones, etc.
  • We make it STREAM by providing streaming video on multiple devices – watch your favorite show on your phone while keeping up with the football game on your iPad
  • We make it WORK by providing a 24/7/365 support service residents can reach directly through live chats, text messages, emails or calls

Trust with your residents is built around openness, honesty, consistency, and respect. The Communiqué App is a device that enables us to create those conditions with our residents. They know we hear them, they know we’re listening, and they know we’ll respond. It goes down to the heart of our relationship with our residents.

– Sterling Kelly, CEO of Burkely Communities


We can provide your student community with a revolutionary smartphone App that connects your residents to everything they need in their community. With the App’s simple and effective communication service, no more cluttered emails, ineffective door flyers or overloaded bulletin boards – we put everything residents need to know inside the App. Better yet, we can brand the App as your very own, allowing you to put your company’s brand in the Apple App and Google Play stores and into the hands of your residents.


  • Pay rent directly from the App via our integrated partners
  • Stay up to date with community events and news through texts, emails and App notifications
  • Request maintenance
  • Quickly contact Epproach WiFi support
  • Package notifications with a delivery-to-door feature (view how)
  • Quickly reach out to important community contacts
  • Follow community social media sites
  • Operate Smart Apartment
  • Sign up for community rewards

Epproach has created a unique service that can integrate with any kind of Smart product. It gives the user a simple, intuitive experience and it also gives our community an edge over the competition.

– Peter Rosecrans Jr., President of Burns Management


Student residents live on their smartphones. Now, we’re working to make that experience even more immersive with our Smart Apartment solution. Using our smartphone App, life becomes much easierNo more worrying about losing the key to your apartment – with our service, everything you need is right on your phone. Friend dropping by before you’re home? Simply unlock the door via your App from wherever you are, or even assign a custom key code to your friend. Worried about that spare key you gave out? With our Smart door locks, you can change key codes instantly from anywhere. Hate coming back to a cold apartment? Adjust your Smart thermostat from wherever you are using the App. Life becomes Smarter and easier with our state-of-the-art Smart Apartment service.


  • Launch Parties – the Epproach team goes on-site with food, drinks and giveaways to help promote and educate residents about the new WiFi service. See a party in action!
  • Ambassador Program – student residents can sign up to become an Epproach Ambassador, working to provide on-site support under the Epproach brand
  • Epproach Swag – from koozies to sunglasses, we have a trove of supplies to help make a splash at your community
  • Marketing materials – we’ve got dozens of different  handouts designed specifically for your community
  • Support guides and videos – educate residents about the Epproach services with our quick and easy support guides and videos 


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