A wireless senior-living experience is no longer an exception but an expectation.

Brace yourself: a wave of Baby Boomers seeking to retire is about to hit. Each day, 10,000 men and women from the Baby Boomer generation leave the workforce, and many of those retirees are coming to live at your properties. These men and women move in with the lifestyle experience of using high-speed internet and WiFi in their homes everyday. WiFi service is no longer a luxury or business item – it is an amenity that is as much a necessity as power or running water for this new generation of retirees.  

But WiFi service isn’t only an amenity for residents. Community management and operation teams can leverage those WiFi networks to generate efficiencies and cost-saving processes that are not possible without a WiFi network infrastructure. Every member of your community will benefit from our WiFi solution. From residents and their guests to property and medical staff, WiFi can increase your community’s security, communications and healthcare processes. 

The trend of today’s seniors staying more connected promises to help ease the transition into senior living environments, with easy Internet connectivity not only making communication with family and friends easier, but maintaining the amenities of home. And the more the demand grows, the more this connectivity changes from an exception to an expectation.

– Megan Hammons, SeniorAdvisor.com


A reliable, high-speed WiFi solution is an investment that benefits every aspect of your community. By blanketing your property under a canopy of superior WiFi service, you’ll have an amenity that not only satisfies your residents but works for your staff, healthcare and other areas. 

  • Residential internet service that allows for high speed, streaming capabilities 
  • Guest networks for free WiFi at each visit
  • Staff/operation team networks for work orders, applications and other processes
  • Healthcare networks that are secure and HIPPA compliant
  • Voice, security and other applications supported as well


Relax – we take all the responsibility for technical support off of your staff. When residents have questions, we’re there to help solve them. We offer a completely managed experience, from top to bottom. No need to train your staff in extensive IT or computer know-how. Our certified, dedicated support technicians provide your community and its residents with managed services that allows property staff to focus on their line of expertise.

From our Managed WiFi solution to our Branded App or Smart Apartment services, our in-house team of certified support technicians are on-call 24/7/365 to resolve any issues that may arise – whenever and wherever they may be. This type of full-service management solution is ideal for busy retirement communities.

Epproach provides dedicated 24/7/365 support line direct to the residents, which frees up our staff to focus on their primary responsibilities of caring for residents. The support the team at Epproach has provided, from installation to service after the fact, has been phenomenal.”

– Rick Hatch, Friends Homes / Greensboro, NC


The Epproach team is an expert at providing superior customer service and support to senior residents. For nearly 15 years, we’ve served as a leading provider of managed WiFi and Internet for the CCRC space, and throughout that time we’ve honed our style and techniques to provide a service uniquely designed for the senior community.

  • • 24/7/365 toll-free support line
  • • On-site technical support and end-user help
  • • Orientation and training sessions for entire community
  • • Simple how-to videos, support guides
  • • Multiple ways to request support


Epproach can provide your community with a variety of technology services, including a Bulk Video solution custom designed for the retirement community space. Our solution includes robust channel line-ups with HD video. We also offer availability for box less services as well. 

We are very happy with Epproach. They provided our community with a very good, reliable WiFi solution, plus great support. They were very responsive, quick to resolve any issues and thoroughly professional.”

– Rashad J. Wilson, The Forest at Duke / Durham, NC


Replace your community’s communication channels with our unified communication platform designed specifically for seniors. With an App that runs on iPads, tablets and mobile phones, our service allows seniors and interested parties – like family members/caretakers – to stay up to date on all community communications, including important messages, events and news.


Looking to outfit your community with a state-of-the-art, Smart-enabled service? We can provide your property with a solution that gives you and your residents control of each unit – from anywhere at anytime. Using our mobile smartphone App and its back-end property management dashboard, residents and staff can control their door locks, lights and thermostats from the palm of their hand. Even better: we can integrate with dozens of other IoT devices.

Client Testimonials

Proof of our superior customer service custom-designed for the senior resident.

“Thank you so much for this awesome service. The transition has been smooth and we haven’t hit any speed bumps whatsoever. Please share this ‘Thank You’ to your team for making the dream happen. I seriously have never heard of anyone who appreciates their WiFi service as much as we do here!”
– Stephie Mullis Watts, Assistant Wellness Director / Woodland Terrace

“There’s very little wait and the process is a lot more simplified with Epproach support. Providing that first level of support is really helpful for the staff. We’re not constantly running around trying to fix something we’re not familiar with – residents can just call Epproach technicians directly.”
– Adam Pizzo, IT Manager / Carolina Meadows

One of the reasons we chose Epproach was that they could set up private SSIDs for each unit, making wireless printing available to our residents. It was also critical to have separate, secure networks for multiple purposes, such as networks for residents, guests, staff, healthcare, point of sale and other technologies we currently incorporate.” 
– Mike Evenson, Operations GPO & Purchasing Analyst / Kisco Senior Living 

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Epproach. Their support techs have been awesome – so kind, so patient, just terrific. After experiencing a few technical difficulties, I was leaving the house around noon and up pulls an Epproach car. Here comes a support technician. He might as well had on a Superman costume at the time, because I really felt like Superman was coming in to help me. It took him about 5 minutes to resolve the issue and have the WiFi back up and running. I am just so happy. Once again, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Epproach!”
– Andree Woosley, Resident / Carol Woods Retirement Community

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