Epproach is now part of Comcast

Epproach Communications has been acquired by Comcast Communications effective June 11, 2019, combining the power and reliability of Comcast’s Advanced Communities Network solutions with intelligent and reliable managed WiFi solutions.

Unlock the power of managed WiFi and the nation’s largest Gig-speed network

With Epproach’s state-of-the-art managed WiFi solutions and the power and reliability of Comcast’s advanced technology, we will create an innovative and robust experience for users.

Epproach will continue supporting your business as it does today

We will expand our managed WiFi offering and combine it with the nation’s largest Gig-speed network, providing you with new resources and capabilities to continue driving value for your community. When changes do occur, rest assured, they will be communicated to you ahead of time.

What does this change for my business?

As an Epproach customer, it means your business will be part of Comcast’s Xfinity Communities innovative family of multifamily solutions.

There are no immediate planned changes to the monthly service charges and payments can continue to be made as before.

Epproach and Xfinity Communities will continue to provide its outstanding service. The support division can be reached at 877-364-5907 or support@epproach.net.

There are no impact on current orders and Epproach services currently.

Whether your services are powered by Epproach or Xfinity Communities, there will be no impact on your service.

There will be no changes to your experience with your current digital tools.

Contact Us

Existing Epproach Communications Customers

WiFi service and support will continue to be available to you at (877) 364-5907 or support@epproach.net.

Existing Xfinity Communities Customers

WiFi service and support will continue to be available to you at (844) 790-6935 or xfinitycommunities.support@epproach.net.