Introducing Communique, an App with limitless possibilites - under your own brand.

We’ve served WiFi and Internet networks to hundreds of apartment communities over the last 13 years, learning the in’s and out’s of the industry in the process. Early on, we discovered there was a demand for an effective, easy-to-use communication service that allowed property management to quickly reach all of their residents at once. That’s why we developed Communique, our state-of-the-art smartphone App that provides property management teams with simple, intuitive tools to communicate and interact with residents. 

But not only that – our App serves as a one-stop shop for residents, hosting an array of different community services under one simple solution. Schedule a demo today to see the Communiqué App in action, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

A Resident’s One-Stop Shop

An App Branded As Your Own

Putting your brand into residents’ pockets.

Property management teams often spend thousands of dollars creating their own smartphone Apps, only to be left with a finished product that requires constant support from an untrained staff. Not Communique – we provide a fully functioning App that can be branded as your own, complete with a dedicated support team who are constantly working to innovate and update the App in new and exciting ways. Residents can simply search your company name inside the Apple App or Google Play stores.

  • Build trust with your residents
  • Increase your community’s marketability
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Provide an App that operates on all mobile platforms
    Available on Apple iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets

Our state-of-the-art App labeled as your own.

A Mobile Communication Service

Send mass texts, emails and App notifications at once in one easy push.

Inclement weather keeping you from coming into the office? No worries. With the Communique App, property management can send out a text, email and App notification all at once to the entire community directly from their mobile phones with the tap of a finger. This mobility allows both residents and staff to maintain an open, direct line of communication at any time, an especially important feature during community emergencies like inclement weather or crisis situations.

Learn how one student community used the Communique App to keep residents safe during an on-campus attack.

Three easy and effective ways to stay in touch.

To ensure each resident receives community updates, we utilitze three different channels of communication: texts, emails and push notifications through the App. Property staff can send out one message through all three channels at once, or select one channel to send out multiple messages. Our service makes it easy to reach your residents quickly and efficiently.

Stay in touch with more than just your residents! With our Interested Parties feature, parents or friends of residents can also sign in to the App and view community updates.

A Back-Office Management System

A state-of-the-art dashboard designed exclusively for property management.

A One-Stop-Shop App.

A package management system.

An amenity that residents love.

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