Murfreesboro, TN Student Community Receives High-Speed, Reliable WiFi & Internet Service from Epproach Communications

WILMINGTON, NC – February 15, 2019 – Epproach Communications, the leading provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi and data networks, is providing managed WiFi and Internet services to The Greenland Student Quarters, an off-campus student apartment community located near Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN.


The Greenland Student Quarters chose Epproach Communications, in partnership with Comcast Communications, in order to meet residents’ essential need for the fastest, most reliable internet speeds on the market today. Certified Epproach technicians installed Enterprise Grade 802.11 AC wireless access points across the community. The Epproach system provides service in individual apartments and all common areas. Residents are able to securely connect to high-speed wireless internet using a state-of-the-art managed WiFi system that is monitored and supported 24/7/365. This system gives residents the ability to connect securely across multiple devices and stream video in an instant.


“This is one of our first properties in the Murfreesboro area,” Marty Hollingsworth, CEO of Epproach Communications, said. “We are thrilled to be providing students with a high-speed, reliable WiFi solution.”



About Epproach Communications

Epproach Communications is the premier provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks for multiple dwelling units, including retirement communities, resorts, student housing and apartment communities.  Epproach provides the latest technology in a total turnkey solution that is tailored to the specific needs of their clients. A proactive, 24/7/365 support team offers support to staff and direct to end users. For more information visit or call 910-202-4700.

About The Greenland Student Quarters

For one of the most unique university student experiences you’ll find the Student Quarters at Murfreesboro Greenland Apartments the perfect home base for academic students. The complex, within easy walking distance to the Middle Tennessee State University, academic hopefuls of all types have discovered the comfort and luxurious style of living found at these popular apartments near MTSU. For more information, visit