How Technology is Streamlining Resident On-boarding

At the start of the year, The National Multifamily Housing Council released data and insights about the “apartment of the future” in what they called “The Disruption Report. The report outlines how and why continuous technological advancements have brought the entirety of the multifamily housing industry to the brink of a design revolution. Although the word ‘disruption’ tends to give people an uneasy feeling, adapting to new technology is not a change property owners should fear, but one they should embrace. Savvy realtors, leasing agents, property owners and management teams have already been leveraging mobile apps to make the application and leasing process easier for agents and prospective residents alike – but the benefits of these software systems doesn’t need to end there!


Latest technological advancements are not limited to first-time contact with prospects. Technology systems such as Epproach’s Branded Mobile App can be used to streamline the new resident on-boarding process. With Epproach’s App, property managers can log onto through their desktop dashboard or mobile phone app and quickly add a new resident as a community user. Epproach does all the rest: generating the appropriate settings, adding the user info to the database, and auto-generating a smartphone and resident portal account. Then, the system automatically sends an email to the new resident containing all the necessary information they need! No more paperwork or wasted time – a seamless process with full integration.




Your residents’ experience begins the moment they’re handed their keys. Your on-boarding system should reflect the kind of service your residents can expect throughout their rental period. With Epproach’s Branded Apps, residents are given complete control and kept fully informed from the moment they arrive.


Take a look at our video that goes step-by-step through the process of on-boarding new residents.