Debunking the Myths of Bulk WiFi

Debunking the Myths of Bulk WiFi


WILMINGTON, NC-Jan. 4, 2018- In the last few years, high-speed, reliable internet service has transitioned from a luxurious amenity to a necessary utility for apartment renters and resort guests alike. Thus the question facing property owners is no longer “Do our residents want or need Wifi?” but rather, “How are we going to provide our guests with Wifi?”.


Many owners have tried the “bring your own Wifi” solution, and faced numerous challenges, including service disruptions, poor performance (lower throughput), high resident expense, and of course, security risks. The solution they’re looking for is bulk Wifi deal, however, many owners are afraid to do a bulk WiFi deal because they feel that there are obstacles they will have to overcome. In this article, we separate the fact from fiction so property owners can make educated business decisions and provide the best resident experience possible.


Myth: Bulk wifi packages provide inferior service when compared to that of individual packages.

Fact: It’s true that when bulk wifi first emerged, it was often unreliable. However, technology has developed a great deal since then, giving way to huge improvements in performance and connectivity. Today, bulk wifi performs just as well-if not better than- individual wifi package. Residents and guests of resort communities can now stream 4K video, play video games, surf the internet and more from multiple devices at a time.


Myth: Bulk wifi packages are less secure than individual wifi packages.

Fact: Unlike some other bulk wifi providers who issue a single login per an entire site, service providers such as Epproach create individual virtual networks ( that’s one SSID per an apartment or unit) for each resident. This maximizes security, while still allowing residents to share a single network among multiple devices. Additionally, managed wifi services like those provided by Epproach guarantee 24 hr., year-round surveillance, making it one of the safest network connections available.


Myth: Customer support and service is worse with bulk wifi packages.

Fact: Bulk wifi service providers’ main focus is on ensuring you have the best wifi at all times- not on TV or a host of other services. Without these distractions, you can receive support as fast and reliable as the wifi your being provided.


Some more facts…

  • Delivering the connected lifestyle residents crave
  • Improving the experience of residents by
    lowering network connectivity costs, and increasing your revenue
  • Creating a competitive advantage, thus improving
    occupancy rates
  • Providing a powerful sales promotion tool (“Rent Now
    & Get 1 Months Free Wifi!) to attract and retain residents

The more you know your options, the easier it will be to make the best decisions for your community. To learn more about Epproach’s Managed Bulk Wifi Solution and other services, visit or call (877) 364-5907.