Epproach Exhibits at The 2017 Smart Home Summit

Palo Alto, CA- Nov. 20, 2017– Last week Epproach Communications, the leading provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi and data networks, attended The 2017 Smart Home Summit at the Crown Plaza in Palo Alto, CA from Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2017.

In addition to exhibiting our state-of-the-art Branded Smartphone App, Managed WiFi Solution and Smart Apartment service, we were delighted to have our very own VP of Products, Chris Roper, speak on the panel, “How Multi-dwelling Buildings are Expanding the Smart Home Market”.



Denver Hollingsworth, Marketing Director at Epproach Communications, shares his  key take-aways from The Smart Home Summit:

The boom keeps booming

“Similar to what we saw when smartphones were first introduced, the Smart Home industry has started its first big boom and is expected to continue to grow rapidly.”

Everyone wants to get smart

“We were amazed to see the diversity of the companies in attendance. We spoke with everyone from big companies like BMW and Amazon to city governments, and more. Smart home devices are clearly gaining interest in markets across the board.”

The spotlight’s on Smart Apartments 

“Although the conference was focused on smart homes, smart apartments were drawing lots of attention. From our experience, we can attribute this to the growing recognition of smart apartment technology as a huge revenue generator. Unlike the one-time sale of self-installed smart home technology, smart apartment devices are a continued service, and therefore a continued source of revenue.”

Shifting Focus

In the past, the smart home industry was driven by the desire to create the flashiest gadget. At conferences like Smart Home Summit, you’d expect to see businesses competing by rolling out their latest, most high-tech device. However this year we observed a shift in focus towards the user experience. We found that the industry players we met were less concerned about a product’s capabilities than they were with how the product can enhance the day-to-day life of the user. They wanted products and services that were intuitive and easy for people to use.


About Epproach Communications

Epproach Communications is the premier provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks for multiple dwelling units, including retirement communities, resorts, student housing and apartment communities.  Epproach provides the latest technology in a total turnkey solution that is tailored to the specific needs of their clients. A proactive, 24/7/365 support team offers support to staff and direct to end users. For more information visit www.epproach.net or call 910-202-4700.


About The Smart Home Summit

Smart Home Summit is a 2 day conference and exhibition covering the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, connected devices and its impact on the Smart Home. Come explore the opportunities and innovations that technology is bringing to the home with an extensive analysis of the Smart Home landscape.