No Longer a Vision of the Future: Smart Home Technology is Here


Smart homes and apartments are no longer a vision of the future. The innovative technologies and amazing products that sync your home or apartment into a cohesive, enhanced living experience are here — right now.

My team and I at Epproach Communications began to see the smart home industry boom earlier this year, but we noticed that the majority of products available at the time were aimed towards the single family residence – not multi-family residences, or the kinds of housing that Epproach serves. Although there were no commercial products readily available for this type of housing, we certainly saw the value that IoT (Internet of Things) devices would bring to a property manager or housing developer.

Epproach has provided a state-of-the-art enterprise WiFi solution for nearly a decade now. With Epproach, the foundation that smart home and IoT technology requires was already there: fast, reliable WiFi speeds and connections. It became clear that installing a comprehensive smart home solution would be a relatively simple task for the Epproach team. So… we did!

After installing the necessary smart apartment equipment in each unit, we then use our unique user-management system to allow property management to easily add or delete new usersauthenticate users to the WiFi, and give resident permissions for a unit’s door lock or thermostat. When a resident moves out, property management can safely strip permissions from that user, denying him or her access to the unit or any other amenities provided to them while living there. It’s a secure solution that equates to less stress for property management.

Epproach also has an in-house support team – made up of certified, dedicated technicians – that proactively monitor and manage an apartment community’s networks. Our customer service team add an enhanced level of security to the Epproach smart home solution, tracking changes and resolving issues often before the resident becomes aware of a problem.

Smart homes are a new and exciting technology, but I believe this technology is far more than a passing fad. In fact, the smart home industry is booming and is on track to grow even more. It’s estimated that by 2021, over 80 million homes will be equipped with smart home technology. That’s more than double the amount of active smart homes today (31.6 million).

Installing a smart home solution ensures a “future-ready” community and has the potential to give your property the competitive edge it needs to stand out in a crowded field. Better yet, the return on investment for property management can come in many forms: energy savings, labor reduction, elimination of a re-keying expense and significant renewal percentage increases due to an uptick in resident satisfaction.

As the Epproach team starts work on smart home enabled apartment units, we are beginning to formulate a process that can be applied to any number of apartment units. And as smart home technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, it appears that a new, innovative amenity for residents is on the horizon. Personally, I’m thrilled that the future I’ve always dreamed up is now a reality.

What’s next? My team is currently integrating the Epproach smart home solution with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which allows for easy voice controls throughout the home.

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