SHB Magazine Features Epproach CEO

BIG NEWS: Marty Hollingsworth, CEO of Epproach Communications, is featured inside the September/October issue of the Student Housing Business Magazine, a national publication that reaches over 35,000 readers.

Hollingsworth’s unique perspective gleaned from his 10+ years in the student housing industry made him a perfect candidate to contribute to Lynn Peisner’s article “Future-Proofing Student Housing“. Hollingsworth, along with other leaders in the student housing technology space, discuss the future (and the upcoming challenges) of student apartment communities.

Student residents demand the fastest, most reliable internet service possible – and Hollingsworth knows this well. But there are challenges in those demands. Take a look at an excerpt from the article below:

Hollingsworth concurs on the topic of usability: “There’s the technological side, and there’s the personal side,” he says.

How do you make the access and the capabilities of those technologies make sense and make them easy to use for residents and for property management groups? I think that’s the biggest challenge. How do you personalize it, how do you make it easy to use, how do you make it secure, and, most importantly, how do you integrate it into the context of how people live in apartments today?”

Looking towards the future, Hollingsworth believes products like the Communiqué App, Epproach’s state-of-the-art resident communication service, will be what drives student demand.

Epproach rolled out its Communique app about a year ago to all of its wireless users.

“Our customers talk about the importance of trust between the management and their residents,” Hollingsworth says. “The primary value of our mobile app is enhanced communications, which is what you need to improve that trust.”

Knowing that the typical student housing resident lives on his or her smart phone and that using the actual phone part of a smart phone is extremely unpopular, the app does all the communicating. This includes vital communications, such as scheduling maintenance or paying rent, not just for internet issues. And the app is branded for each community, so that property managers have ownership of the app’s capabilities.

“The app extends their brand out to the residents’ smart phone and helps them in terms of brand loyalty and to build better trust through more effective communication.”

Hollingsworth believes that as more and more students move into apartment communities, WiFi networks must be managed and monitored:

“We believe this will increase the demand for managed Wi-Fi,” Hollingsworth
says. “If you have several apartments in close proximity, you could have a lot of different wireless routers that are competing for the radio frequencies and potentially interfering with one another. In that type of environment it’s going to be much more difficult for owners to integrate the Internet of Things and smart apartment technology unless they’re using a managed network.”

The article is a fascinating in-depth look into the future of student housing. Read the entire article here.

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