Epproach Commercial: “Get Out of the Stone Age with Epproach WiFi”

“Get out of the Stone Age with Epproach WiFi!”

Epproach Communications is pleased to unveil our very first commercial! Our marketing team will use this 1 min. clip for social media advertising — a logical medium for a WiFi provider.

Denver Hollingsworth, Marketing Manager for Epproach Communications, served as the brains behind the clip. “WiFi has become such a commodity that, without it, it seems like you’re living in another time,” Hollingsworth said. “We wanted to take that idea and translate it into a humorous short ad.”

Hollingsworth chose to keep the production of the video all in-house, employing Epproach employees to play the two characters. The caveman is none other than Justin Duff, Epproach’s Logistic Coordinator, while the young woman is played by Abby Radford, Epproach’s Administrative Assistant.

Take a look at the 1 min clip below, or check it out on our YouTube channel!

[wpvideo i6M8iCPy]

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