Epproach Communications: EnVision Apartments Profile Video

EnVision Apartments, Located in Akron, OH, is a Student Housing Property That’s Had Phenomenal Success with the Epproach Solution

Epproach Communications, the leading provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks, introduces the second video in their “profile series” of online videos that highlights the success EnVision Apartments in Akron, OH has had with the Epproach WiFi solution.


EnVision Apartments has seen a nearly 50% increase in renewals, as well as a marked increase in resident satisfaction, since the installation of the Epproach WiFi solution. “I can’t imagine there’s anyone out there that is better than Epproach,” Brandon Luck, Property Manager at EnVision, said.

Residents at EnVision Apartments agree. “The speeds are just amazing,” Jeff, a resident of EnVision, said. “Movies buffer, schoolwork is able to get done, and I don’t fear being kicked off of the internet.”

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