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Our Services

We are the premier provider of scalable, high-capacity WiFi networks for the Multi-Family residential community.

Professional Installation

We aim to connect people with information and entertainment in a simple and easily accessible way, in hope that it makes a difference in people's lives. Our certified, professional staff will design and deploy a robust wireless solution to meet the needs of your residents, staff and guests.

Managed Services

Simply tell us how you want it to work and we’ll make it happen. Even better, we’ll monitor the network 24/7 to make sure it is working optimally to serve your needs. Don’t worry about training your staff or learning new technical areas– we will take care of everything.

Customer Support

We always monitor the networks to be proactive. If anything goes offline, we know about it first and we try to correct any issues immediately. We provide full system support with our toll free support number plus online ticketing and email services.
Call 877-364-5907 anytime.

A little About Us


The Proven Leader in Wireless!

Epproach was founded in 2004 to capitalize on the advancement and proliferation of high speed wireless networks. With over 10 years in the business of providing successful wireless networks we can honestly say that we are WiFi experts. We’ve grown to be the leader in providing 24/7/365 Managed Services to high capacity, high demand WiFi solutions.

Epproach provides turnkey design, installation and ongoing support and management services. We specialize in WiFi for MDU residential housing where we support over 500 networks and 100,000 end users. We provide an enhanced, comprehensive Managed WiFi solution for student housing, conventional housing, and retirement community properties.

We also provide solutions for hospitality, resorts and businesses, where we have successfully installed and support some of the most highly regarded resorts, campuses, healthcare facilities and other customers.

We are especially adept at managing remote sites and we serve customers across the US and the Caribbean.

Acceptable Use Policy

Click Here to view our Acceptable Use Policy.

Our Team

Certified, Professional and Courteous— Regardless of our position, our #1 priority is customer service. At Epproach Communications, our staff is dedicated to providing the absolute best wireless experience for our customers.

Certified Wireless Engineers and Designers
• Dedicated Support Analysts and Field Technicians
• Experienced and Knowledgeable Business Development

Meet the members of the Epproach team!


Our Work

Port City Marina

The View on High

Valentine Commons

The Lofts at Randall

Ardmore King’s Grant

Red Mile Village

Morehead West

“Epproach is very knowledgeable and prompt and I love that residents can work directly with them for support.”


““Our residents work directly with Epproach for any support needs. This has been a life-saver!”Read more.

The Forest at Duke

“Epproach has responsive customer service and has tailored customized solutions for us.”

Friends Home

“Epproach has always been very accommodating and support has been phenomenal!”Read more.

Summer Winds Condos

“Support turnaround time couldn’t be better and they have definitely gone over and above the call of duty!”

University House

“With Epproach, the speed is a lot better.  With 24/7 service, everything is simple and easy for staff and residents.” Read more.

Our Happy Clients


"I have always been impressed with this system - it has performed basically error free for about 1.5 years, and it has performed as advertised. Equally important, I have been totally impressed with the support staff. Their attention to details for their customers' concerns, and their in-depth technical knowledgeable is commendable. HATS OFF to you and your well run company. So nice to deal with an efficient company that addresses the needs of their customers in a fast and efficient manner. "

"Gary Larson, Property Manager at Pine Knoll Townes II / Resort"

"The Epproach WiFi has been amazing for EnVision and has helped to put my renewals at 25% ahead of this time last year. Our previous system was about 5 years old, and this new system has been exceptionally better service for our residents. It has saved the staff time dealing with issues with the previous system and has allowed our residents to have a dependable fast service. The customer service has been outstanding, and the conversion was seamless. I highly recommend the Epproach solution to any apartment community looking for the best possible service available. "

"Brandon Luck, Property Manager at EnVision Apartments / Student Housing"


"We are very happy with Epproach. They provided a very good, reliable solution and great support. They were very responsive, quick to resolve any issues and thoroughly professional. "

"Mark Williams, IT Manager at The Forest at Duke / CCRC"

"The Epproach installation has been by far the smoothest and easiest process I have ever been apart of. The technicians who came and installed the WiFi were all clean-cut, friendly and appropriate. The support staff has also made it extremely simple to troubleshoot any issues we may have. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with Epproach.”"

"Amy Chick, Community Director at Ardmore King's Grant / Conventional Housing"


"From the beginning, the Epproach staff have been responsive to any issues that arise, and proactively reach out to make sure everything is going smoothly with our internet service. The entire process has been hassle-free and professional. I appreciate the customer service approach in all of my interactions with Epproach. It is refreshing to be treated as a priority."

"Caitlin Clark, Community Director at The Enclave Apartments / Student Housing"


What does Epproach do?

We provide Community WiFi and Network services for Apartments, Condos, Dormitories, Resorts, Retirement Communities, Campgrounds, Marinas and any Campus Environment. We use the very latest cloud based technology. Users can connect with computers, tablets, smart phones and more. We provide a completely managed solution where we design, install and support the system and users 24/7/365. Please contact us at 877-364-5907 or email us for more information.

Will Community WiFi Work for Me?

If you own or manage a Multi-Family property, then we can design a WiFi network that will provide wireless coverage throughout your property so that anyone can connect to the WiFi and get Internet access throughout the property. Just give us a call and we’ll assess your property and provide a detailed plan for getting you started. Please contact us at 877-364-5907 or email us for more information.

Will Community WiFi Be Fast Enough?

We are the Community WiFi Network experts. We design and build a network that has many “Access Points" AP’s that provide High Speed connections. We use 802.11AC WiFi equipment that can provide speeds up to 450 Mbps and support 1000’s of users. We know mobility is a must in today’s world and we know many people use WiFi enabled computers, phones, tablets, gaming devices, TV’s, and more. It’s not unusual for someone to have 5 or more devices that connect to WiFi. We provide enterprise level networks that will support today’s users. Please contact us at 877-364-5907 or email us for more information.

Will My Property Management Team Have to Support it?

Absolutely not. We provide a completely managed system that includes 24/7/365 system and end user support. We monitor the system around the clock and we get alerts if anything goes wrong. We know about problems before you know anything is wrong and we respond immediately to correct the issues. And most importantly we provide end user support. We provide user guides and magnets and online help. If one of your residents has a problem they call our toll free number or submit an online request for help or email our support team. We are there 24/7 with real, qualified and helpful technicians to answer any questions and resolve any issues they may have.

Is Community WiFi Expensive?

By using your buying power as a group and committing all of your residents or owners to the service, you can typically realize saving of 50-75% off standard Internet subscription rates. You get the added advantage of mobility where everyone can connect from anywhere on the property and the advantage of immediate connectivity without having to have each resident deal with the local ISP. It’s easy and affordable.

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