The Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans

By Steve Foster, Epproach Senior Network Specialist

The Epproach Communications support team prides itself on our quick responses to service or network issues at each of our sites. We make it a top priority to ensure fast and reliable internet service is available for all residents anywhere on the property, at anytime. Technology is never 100% reliable, but my team members and I work hard to bring that reliability to as close as 100% as possible.

Most service issues are easily and quickly resolved over phone or email, but in a few rare cases the issue is much more widespread and harder to fix – such as a widespread service outage at a property. Although this event is incredibly rare, it is imperative for us to have a Disaster Recovery Plan on-hand for each site to ensure 100% reliability. Each Disaster Recovery Plan presents a thorough guideline that brings the site back online as quickly as possible.

The benefits and necessity of the Disaster Recovery Plan were illustrated on the weekend of January 20th at one of the Continuing Care Retirement Communities we service, Carolina Meadows. A luxurious retirement community located in Chapel Hill, NC, Carolina Meadows had been outfitted with the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution since August 2016. After the site’s previous service provider removed their unused equipment from the property, they in turn disabled Epproach’s WiFi equipment and service in the process, causing much of the property to go offline on Friday afternoon.

Once we discovered the problem and found its source, I immediately set out for Carolina Meadows to work on-site, while my team remained at the Epproach office to help remotely. Our Disaster Recovery Plan was in effect.

Working as quickly as possible, my team and I reinstalled and reprogrammed multiple pieces of equipment that had been taken offline hours earlier. Fortunately, we had installed back-up equipment at the property in the event of an emergency, which made the process much faster. Within 18 hours of a major outage with missing equipment, the entire site was back online with fully operational equipment in place.

“The recovery turnaround was quick,” Adam Pizzo, IT Manager of Carolina Meadows, said. “You can’t just find this type of equipment anywhere, so having the forethought to keep emergency equipment in place was really helpful. I understand the logistics that go into this and everything went really smoothly.”

The quick recovery time for Carolina Meadows stands as a testament for the need to have a strong and reliable Disaster Recovery Plan in place. It also stands as a testament to the dedication and work ethic of my Epproach support team members – a reminder of why Epproach is often rated as one of the best customer service providers in the industry.

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Steve Foster has been a member of the Epproach Support Team since April 2015. He currently serves as a Senior Network Specialist, providing service and support to Epproach’s large portfolio of properties.