Ohio State Dorm Overflow Brings Students to Epproach WiFi


The more visibility for Epproach Communications, the more potential there is to market the superior services we provide.

That’s why this article in The Columbus Dispatch out of Central Ohio caught my eye – and hopefully others’ as well.


Ohio State University is home to nearly 65,000 students and one of the largest universities in the nation. Enrollment at Ohio State is growing at a rapid pace and, in response, the university added 3,200 new residence-hall beds over the past two years. But that wasn’t enough. As the upcoming 2016-17 school year approaches, dorms are experiencing an overflow of applicants – especially now that sophomores are required to live on campus. When dormitories run out of space, where do those students go?

Epproach established a footprint in the Central Ohio region over a year ago, and since then the market we service has grown to include much of the Midwest. Due in part to the rapid expansion of universities like Ohio State, the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution has been implemented at several properties in Central Ohio (and with great success). I joined the Epproach team in January of this year with the intent to expand our footprint across this region and establish relationships with the customers we currently serve.

Out of the 14,500 Ohio State students who requested dorm rooms, about 130 of them were given the option to relocate to nearby apartment communities instead:

“The university is spending about $1.2 million to lease units in three new or nearly new apartment buildings: The Doric on Lane, 150 W. Lane Ave.; Norwich Flats, 250 W. Norwich Ave.; and Fisher Commons at 900 Nettle Drive, near Lane Avenue and Kenny Road.”

Norwich Flats has had the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution since May 2016, and The Doric on Lane is in the installation stage, scheduled to be completed just before students arrive. These new Epproach sites add an enhanced level of visibility for our company and the services we provide.

“A furnished room in a four-bedroom unit comes with a private bathroom and paid internet and cable service. The occupants share a kitchen, study area and terrace.”

Our Managed WiFi Solution is best implemented through the Bulk WiFi model. In properties (like Doric and Norwich Flats) that choose to go with this model, internet and cable service is included in the rent. This all-inclusive lease makes for an easy transition for students who are accustomed to the all-inclusive leases dormitories offer. And, since our WiFi networks are managed and monitored 24/7/365 by our dedicated support staff, student residents can expect fast, reliable internet service at all times.

Ohio State isn’t the only university to place overflow students in off-campus student housing. Purdue University sent last year’s overflow students to neighboring apartment communities as well. Although the transition can be difficult (as it was for Purdue students), the Epproach Managed WiFi Solution can help ease the transition for student residents.

As these universities expand beyond their boundaries, Epproach will be there to provide fast, reliable internet services for student residents who are accustomed to that experience.

Check out the original article: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/07/18/dorm-overflow-at-ohio-state-to-put-scores-of-students-in-upscale-apartments.html