Up to the Challenge: Providing Enhanced Support to Our Clients

Christian Allen Blog Author

We at Epproach Communications know that without our 85,000 valued customers on over 300 sites, we would not be in business. When I was awarded the position of Client Communications Manager in August of 2015, I was excited to bring the tools to grow our support team and further provide a high quality of service. I worked closely with Chris Roper, Director of Client Relations, to build a team that could work as an efficient engine by giving them the tools to succeed. Still today I have the five things that I wanted to bring as a leader pinned on my cork-board: seek out the best employees, connect with your employees, trust your employees to make the right decisions, learn how to motivate and inspire, and have patience. I have found these ideas have created an atmosphere of motivation to help customers by researching persistent issues—even when our staff has downtime or is off the clock—but there are always challenges to overcome.

The challenges with experienced and dedicated 24/7 support for our customers includes:

  • Staffing the right employees with both customer service and IT skills
  • Keeping up with new support techniques
  • Providing current training on new/improved technologies and customer service
  • Managing fluctuations in call volumes
  • Keeping our customers’ wait times low
  • Resolving customer issues quickly and completely
  • Using our technology resources, like our new app, to keep the customer updated on issues that affect them

By introducing new technology, we are improving our customer service every day and our team is only a call, email, or push of a button away. Currently, we are working with Matt McBride and the Network Operations team to build a web-based interface that encompasses all of our support dashboards into one. We are building on our existing phone system to better serve our customers. And our sister company Communiqué created our new Epproach App to be used by property management for announcements as well as by the residents for WiFi support. Deploying these vital technologies with continued training for our staff will ensure that we are keeping up with new trends and keeping our average customer wait time under 1 minute, while resolving over 60 percent of customer issues over the phone.

I’ve said it before, but this company is a well-oiled machine. As complicated as it can be to run all of its moving parts simultaneously, when everyone is following the procedures we have worked hard to streamline, efficiency conquers all.  When speaking about support, these are the daily challenges we face and continue to overcome with dedication and forward thinking. Integrating these new technologies while focusing on our customer relationships should help us sustain growth and drive us into the future—pedal to the metal.